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In April 2018 Joseph invited me and my sister to a gay bar to have some drinks. During that time, I was staying with my sister at their apartment. Prior to leaving for the bar, he offered us a shot of Jameson (Irish Whiskey) at the apartment, which he had already poured into a plastic cup while we were getting ready.
By the time we reached the bar, I felt ALREADY DRUNK. I felt dizzy and experienced a nauseous strange feeling. This felt odd to me since I only had one small shot. At the bar, Joseph ordered us one more drink. As I was about to have my drink, I remember telling my sister; “I’m already drunk”. I do not recall finishing that drink. From this point onwards, my memory appeared to be patchy. Most of what I recall are audio memories. I recall hearing Joseph saying, “WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE WITH A MAN? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN WITH A COUPLE?”

I recall that Joseph had asked me these same questions way back in December 2016 as well. Thereafter, I don’t recall when we left the bar and reached the apartment. That day I was on my menstrual cycle and had a tampon inside me. My next memory was waking up in a dimly lit living room, lying on a couch. I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE JOSEPH’S HEAD IN BETWEEN MY LEGS, HAVING ORAL SEX WITH ME. I pushed him away and sat up. Then, I picked up my pants from the floor and dressed myself. I experienced excruciating pain and even walking seemed difficult. I had to take support of the walls to walk. THEN, I MUSTERED ALL MY COURAGE AND SCREAMED FOR MY SISTER’S NAME.
Suddenly, Joseph grabbed me by my hair, pushed me into my niece’s bedroom and said in my ears, “DO NOT WORRY WE ARE IN AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP.”

The next day both me and my sister were very indisposed with body ache, headache, stomach upset and vomiting, while Joseph appeared to be fine.
Thereafter, I went to the bathroom, and was shocked to see that my tampon was not there. I had a strange uneasy feeling and my memory appeared sketchy.
Since I was unable to recollect the events of the past night, I decided to keep the doubts to myself.

In August 2018 I received a call from my sister informing me that Joseph had proposed to her. Then, Joseph took the phone and told me “HI HONEY! OR WHATEVER WE ARE.” Shortly after hanging up, I received a text message from Joseph’s phone; the message read “GET READY TO HAVE A NAKED AFTER PARTY!!! FILM EMOJI”. After noticing such inappropriately blatant conduct and behavior towards me, my suspicions and fear about Joseph’s intentions were reaffirmed and became real.

In October, 2018 my sister came to visit me, and I told her about the memories I had of that horrid night and Joseph’s behavior. My sister trusted me and broke up with Joseph. Thereafter, the same month I took a flight to Los Angeles and reported my sexual assault and rape, and spoke to the LAP Detective.

In February, 2019 on a recorded phone call with Joseph, he confessed to me that he was very upset about the turn of events. On that phone call, I discovered that he had some pictures and a video of me from that dreadful night.
[NEITHER CONSENTED TO THOSE PICTURES/VIDEOS NOR HAVE ANY MEMORY OF THE SAME. He told me that he asked me questions while we were in an inebriated condition that night, and that amounts to CONSENT! My suspicion is that maybe Joseph drugged me (because I had just two drinks) and then recorded a video of me saying “YES” to his questions so that it could qualify as proof of consent.

In October, 2018 my sister came to visit me, and I told her about the memories I had of that horrid night and Joseph’s behavior. My sister trusted me and broke up with Joseph. Check the Screenshots below to see Joseph’s confession in the chat with my sister, me, and him. HE BLATANTLY AND CALLOUSLY SAYS THAT HE NEEDS HELP WITH HIS “SEX ADDICTION”